Nutrition consultation in the dental practice

In addition to proper oral hygiene and regular fluoride use, a healthy diet is an important part of dental prophylaxis.

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Periodontitis and smoking

With each cigarette, smokers inhale more than 4,800 chemical compounds, which, for example, cause the tissue to be less well supplied with blood. This affects the body's own defense. Ten cigarettes a day are enough to greatly increase the risk of periodontitis. With a daily consumption of 1.5 packs, the risk even increases sixfold. No matter if smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Even smoking a hookah harms the tooth-holding device at least as well.
An immediate smoking cessation reduces the risk of periodontitis within a few weeks. Only years after weaning, the risk of developing periodontitis is as low as with a nonsmoker.
The treachery of periodontitis in smokers is that the early symptoms such as bleeding gums or inflammation almost never occur. Because of the narrowed vessels. Because of this, periodontitis is always discovered or underestimated among smokers.
Smokers also respond worse to the treatment than nonsmokers. The wound healing is disturbed and leads to poorer treatment results, especially because the persistently attacked immune system ensures an aggressively progressive bone loss. Therefore, abstaining from cigarettes or tobacco products of any kind can lead to a significant improvement in the disease progression of the dental disease.


Chew-active food for healthy teeth

Extensive chewing has a positive effect on dental health.
If you want to protect your teeth after a sugar or acidic meal but do not have a toothbrush on hand, it is advisable to grab a sugar-free chewing gum. Generally you should wait for half an hour after consuming sugar and acidic foods, including drinks such as sodas and fruit juices. The saliva needs this time to neutralize the acids and the minerals contained in the enamel are to supply this again and store. At the same time, the saliva also has an antibacterial effect.
Healthy teeth need a varied and healthy diet. Especially you should pay attention to healthy snacks! So apples, pears, nuts etc.

Hidden sugar and what they are called

Sugar is not the same as sugar. This is often marked differently in the foods.

Maltose - Latin term for malt sugar, a degradation product of starch

Dextrose - dissolved glucose or glucose

Maltodextrin - mixture of different glucose. Water-soluble carbohydrate mixture

Fructose - in Germany also fructose. Belongs as monosaccharide (simple sugar)
to the carbohydrates

Lactose - milk sugar. Mainly in milk

Sugar alcohols - have nothing to do with alcohol. Sugar substitutes such as xylitol or erythritol

Everything in moderation, not in bulk

Of course you can also treat yourself something. Chocolate, chips and various sweet drinks you need sometimes just to make yourself a pleasure and it after a z. For example, stressful working day, a little better.
But it must be ensured that it does not happen too often and it remains mostly in the frame. Then prefer to resort to healthy, sweet alternatives like fruit or vegetable sticks. Because, the dose makes the poison. Excessive consumption of sugar and carbohydrates can lead to obesity and diabetes. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also lead to obesity.
The alcohol inhibits the burning of fat and overconsumption causes obesity and hardening of the liver.

Healthy gut, healthy gums

The skin and mucous membranes show us what it looks like inside us. They are virtually the mirror of our gut. If you are inclined to pimples and acne, our body wants to tell us something and show that something is wrong with it. In that case, it helps to reflect and reflect on yourself, what is the current nutritional situation. Do I eat a lot of sweets? Do I drink enough water? Do I really give my body everything he needs?
Your gut will thank you, too. Because our immune system sits mainly

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