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Frequent gum bleeding is an alarm signal for periodontitis, a common disease that is caused quite often by a deficient in your personal dental care. Periodontitis can also be caused by hereditary predisposition.

The illness Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the gums, caused by bacterium that can result in the loss of one or more of your teeth! In addition the illness can stress the entire organism, your body, and should not be left untreated.

Through regular treatment in our dental office, through consistent analysis and through an individual treatment program we can stop the present inflammation before much damage occurs.

If you are already suffering from an advanced form of periodontitis, a successful treatment of the illness can only be reached through the complete removal of the plaque on the tooth und root surface as well as in the gum pockets. Depending on the severity code of the inflammation can a multi-stage treatment be essential in the successful treatment of the illness.

With the help of a micro dent test, we can identify the bacterial species responsible for your illness, and also supply you with the necessary medication to support the therapy of the inflammation! This test is completely painless a very quick to perform. With the help of harmless paper tips, samples of the bacterial species are taken from the gum pockets. The bacterial species are analyzed and the medication for your treatment individual and based upon your personal needs prescribed.

In case of an inflammation illness, you can contribute to the long term success of the treatment through your cooperation in a consistent and good oral hygiene. Throughout the entire therapy we will support you with all our knowhow to meet the best possible results in your treatment!

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